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Six-Sided Grid
Take seven crystals. Arrange six of them equidistantly in a circle. You have a hexagon, a six-sided geometric form. Place the seventh crystal in the center of the hexagon.
Number the crystals from one to seven. The top outer crystal is number one. Number two is the crystal to the left of number one. Numbers three, four, five, and six are the next four crystals around the circle, counting from right to left. Crystal number seven is in the center.
Activate the grid by pointing a crystal at number seven in the center and drawing an imaginary band or rod of light out to crystal number one, over to number two, and from two back to seven. You can see that this is a triangle, just like we did with the four-sided grid. The sequence is 7-1-2-7.
Retrace a line of light back to number two from seven, from seven over to three and back to number seven. The second triangle is complete and that sequence was 7-2-3-7.
Next, send a beam of light back to number three, over to four and back to seven. This new sequence is 7-3-4-7.
Continue to make triangles around the circle by sending a beam of light from seven back to four, over to five, and back to seven. The sequence is 7-4-5-7.
Go back to five, over to six, and back to seven, 7-5-6-7.
To complete the grid, go from seven to six to one and back to seven, 7-6-1-7.
You now have a six-sided pyramid. It also resembles a crystal as seen straight on. Point your activating crystal at crystal number seven in the center and repeat the Light Invocation out loud three times. "I invoke the Light of the God within. I am clear and perfect channel. Light is my Guide."
The grid is activated.
Warning : Do not move the crystals after you have attached and activated them. It will break the energy flow. If you do, you must reactivate the whole grid. Treatment tables canbe moved as long as this does not move the crystals where they are attached to the table. Once the crystal is positioned in its time space, it must not be moved from that spot or the grid is inactivated.
Reactivate the grids every 30 days to strengthen the thought forms in them.
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