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Crystal Energy Grid Systems
Geometry is a visual affirmation of mathematical relationships. It shows the way energy looks when it takes form. Mathematics defines relationships between one object and another. Since all objects are ultimately energy, it can be said that all energy as it moves through our three dimensional universe. What, then, is energy which moves beyod three into four dimensions or more? If we move out of the universe of form, governed by three dimensions and controlled by space and time, we move out of body into mind. The fourth dimension, then, must be the dimension of pure thought. Energy is always energy, regardless of dimension. Whatever energy we perceive in our dimension of form must exist in the dimension of thought. The highest dimension of energy must be God. As the energy drops into denser dimensions, each dimension changes the way it expresses and is perceived, but the energy is always energy.
The energy of pure thought is magnetic in nature when it moves through three dimensions. Not ferrous magnetic, another type of energy akin to gravity. This is why thoughts can be retained by crystals, similar to magnetic storage for computers. All form exists in four dimensions as thought.Those thought forms are pictures of geometric designs. If we desire to bring energy from the fourth down to the third dimension, we must create geometrical thought forms and activate them with our minds. Crystals serve to anchor these fourth-dimensional, geometric, energy grid fields into our universe. They can create a gate through which energy flows that energy is the force which is life for all Biological forms.
Crystal energy grids offer a most puzzling phenomenon. A very large source of energy can be produced, apparently from nowhere. This energy can be locked into any area you want. It will cause energy changes in any object within the field. Crystal grids can be used for a wide variety of purposes. They can charge objects with life-force energy. They can be used to create powerful emotional changes in anyone who comes into the area. This includes using them for conscious dream work during sleep. Last, but not least, they can be used for absent healing.
Crystal grids can be used to charge an object or an area with life-force energy. Any object within these grids will have its energy increased. It will absorm and retain a large amount of life-force energy. This energy can be passed on to you or any other living biological form.
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