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The Science of Crystal Healing

Crystal are a tool for natural healing which can be health practitioners to accelerate their own methods. The human body is a series of energy systems. Crystals are devices for adjusting and balancing these systems.
This book is the cumulative experience of taking channeled material and putting it into actual practice. Years of teaching and using the techniques to alleviate pain and accelerate the natural healing process. I am sure of one thing; there is no limit to the possibilities of the influence of crystal on all energy forms.
Here, for the first time, is presented in one book the most complete information on crystal healing that has ever been made available to the general public. It represents over 13 years of research and experimentation by DaEi walker and some of the most knowledgeable quartz crystal researchers in the world.
In the beginning, it was necessary to substitute ingenuity when there was a lack of proper test equipment. Without a proper laboratory, we could not choose quantitative proof. Yet it was important to uncover the principles and properties of the crystal techniques and to prove their validity. Equipment to measure the subtle life force energies were often not available, usually because they did not exist.
If the energy could not be measured, the effect it had on the human body could be. Therefore, this inductive means of study became our laboratory. Unconventional devices such as dowsing rods were used to measure the expansion or contraction of the body’s energy field. An acupuncture meridian measurement device was used to measure the conductivity of the meridian points on the body. Energy changes were recorded through the process of high energy physics photography, sometimes called Krilian photography. Even blood platelet changes were photographed under a microscope after a crystal healing.
We were not trying to prove anything to anyone except ourselves. We wanted to know what where the limits of each of the ideas given. Each new piece of the puzzle suggested more ideas and more experience.
The essence of the body is energy. Crystals functions as transformers and amplifiers of various energies into biological energies that rebalance and re-energize our biological system on the cellular level, as well as on our emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. The premise on which this biological transfer of energy is based is that the body is a series of synchronous, oscillating, solid and liquid crystal systems to which our crystal healing techniques are able to transfer energy directly, as from one crystal to another. This transfer of energy aids the system in attaining a certain functional strength in which it can regenerate visualize. This is a major way or type of language that can communicate with and rescript our computer mind.
From all this a pattern has emerged, a map of the processes of healing and human consciousness. We do not understand it all, but each day we know a little more and the picture clears slightly. When will it end? Not in our foreseeable future. We are delaying into the nature of the mind and brain as it operates within the body. The possibilities are infinite.
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