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Four-Sided Grid
The four-sided crystal energy grid pattern looks like a pyramid. Place four crystals in a square. Put a fifth one in the center. It does not matter which direction the crystals are pointed. They can be any type of crystal, but they all should be of the same type. For practical purposes, they should all be members of the quartz family. All five can be clear quartz, or smoky quartz, or amethyst, but all five should be the same, not mixed.
Number the crystals one through five. Make the upper left crystal one. Number two is the lower left corner, Number three is the lower right corner, and number four is the upper right corner, Number five is in the center.
Hold a crystal in your right hand. Point the crystal at the number five stone in the center. Imagine you see a beam of light move from the center crystal to number one to form a rod of solid light connecting the number five crystal to number one. Send another rod of light over from number one in the upper left corner down to number two in the lower left conrer, connecting one and two. Now complete the triangle by sending anohter connecting rod of light from number two to the center, number five. The sequence of connections numerically is 5-1-2-5.
Next, send the light back to number two, over to number three in the lower right hand corner, and back to the center, number five. The second triangular sequence is 5-2-3-5.
The fourth and last connecting triangle is from five to four to one and back to five, 5-4-1-5.
You can see that this forms all four triangular sides of a pyramid, viewed from the top. Point your activating crystal to the center stone and say the Light Invocation out loud three times, "I invoke the Light of the God within. I am clear and perfect channel. Light is my Guide."
A dowsing rod can be used to measure this activated energy field. It will average a 30-feet radiates from the center of the grid.
Waiting and treatment rooms can be energized by setting up a four sided crystal energy grid in the room. Attach a crystal to each of the corners of the room. Use some form of tape, and put the crystals six inches from the floor. Tie thread around the fifth crystal and then wrap the other end around a thumbtack. Push the thumbtack into the ceiling so the crystal hangs in the center. You may choose, instead, to tape the crystal to the ceiling. Activate the grid the same way as before. The center crystal is number five and each of the corners are numbers one through four. Remember, each time you connect the three numbers, you are making a triangle. Each triangle is the side of a pyramid. Connect all the triangles together and you create a geometric form, a pyramid. This activates life-force energy into the area. The energy is held in place with the crystals.
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