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Programming Crystals
Crystals can receive and hold thought forms. When this is done consicously, it is called programming. The term "Programming" is used because this process is similar to computer proggramming. Information or commands are stored in the molecular structure of the quartz crystal as magnetic charged data. Thoughts are energy, and they are magnetic in form. All data is programmed crystals are stored as thought forms. Thoght form are pictures and/or other sensory data, powered or intensified by emotion.
The Brow (between both the eyes) method is an effective way of programming a crystal. First, determine the purpose of the program. Then think of the end result you would have if the program worked. Place the crystal against your brow. The direction the crystal is pointing doesn’t matter. Close your eyes and go inside your crystal. (See Merging, Section) Picture the end result happening inside your crystal. Create it with as many of your senses as you can. See it, smell it, tough it, hear it, taste it, make it real. When it feels real, come out of your crystal and open your eyes.
Some examples of programming: if you want a healing crystal, see someone picking it up. Watch frowns leave their face, replaced by happy grins. See the individual dancing, running, leaping, full of good health and happiness.
If the crystal is for a person with a special problem, see the person functioning and happy without the problem.
It is to be used for meditation, fill it with your special prayer or mantra. Call in all the masters, teachers, healers, angels, and archangels you want. Invoke the Light and the Rays of the Light. Infuse the crystal with the feeling you have when you reach the place of Silence, when your senses disappear and you experience true peace within.
Perhaps you simply want to program the crystal with love. Think of all the people and things you love. Create the unconditional love feeling you have when you hold a small baby, a cuddy puppy or a kitten. Fill the crysta with a soft, soothing pink color.
Remember the rules for programming. First, determine what you want. Second, picture the end result. Third, hold the crystal against the Brow chakra. Fourth, go inside the crystal and picture the end result with great intensity.]
Reprogramming can oftne increase the working ability of the crystal. Repeat all the steps with great intensity and feeling, as often as you want.
Amulets are crystals programmed for protection and personal power. People who are moving strongly on their spiritual path are drawn to and use amulets.The Crystal wareness Institute is recovering the ancient science of amulets. A special Crystal Mandala Power Amulet is being tested which has the ability to amplify life energy fields more than 100 times normal levels.
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