Earth Grounding Meditation
Used for when you get that "Spaced Out" feeling. Helps to focus one's attention on the here and now.
Begin by taking a deep, slow breath in ....release slowly out. Do several times paying attention to your body responding by allowing stress and tensions to flow out of the body and away. Close your eyes and picture yourself as your favorite tree. Feel roots sprouting from the soles of your feet and searching deeper ....deeper ...into mother earth. Feel strong ....feel rooted.....feel grounded. When you can feel the strength that comes from being fully grounded in the earth, move your thoughts up your legs, torso,  shoulders, neck, face, up to the top of your head. Feel branches sprouting from the top of your head, reaching ...stretching ...opening ....towards the sky. Higher.....higher ..towards the sky. Feel the great expansion from your branches. Bring your thoughts back to your roots and slowly inhale the energy that is freely given to you from Mother Earth. Inhale slowly up the trunk of your body and exhale through the branches over your head. Feel the cycle of breath energy coming up from your roots and showering over your head through the branches. Continue for a few more breaths. When you are ready, open your eyes. Feel stronger. Feel grounded.
Other things that may help you feel grounded is to take off your shoes and allow your bare feet to play in the dirt. You may also try wiggling your toes in the sand at the beach. When I had trouble working on being grounded, I would go to the beach, dig two holes, stick my feet in them, and cover them in with sand. I would then begin my grounding meditations. Somehow, having the feeling of sand (or dirt) covering me halfway up to the knew, helped in visualizing the grounding. You may also wish to hold a handful of fresh dirt in your hands, feel the energy that is in the soil. Contemplate it, exchange with it. You may even wish to bring it into the house and place in a bowl (maybe added to your altar) to bring your focus to the earth, thus to grounding.
You can also wear articles of clothing that are black, brown, or other earth tones to help you with the feeling of groundedness.
Wearing jewelry or meditating with some of the following crystals/gemstones may also help. Look especially for stones that are in the black/brown family, 
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