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The Mental Body and Heart or Anahata Chakra

The Mental Body
heart Chakra
The fourth body is absolutely wall-less. From inside the third body, there is not even a transparent wall. It is just a boundary, wall-less, so there is no difficulty in entering and no need of any method. So one who has achieved the third can achieve the fourth very easily.
But to go beyond the fourth, there is as much difficulty as there was in going beyond the first, because now the mental ceases. The fifth is the spiritual body. Before it can be reached there is again a wall, but not in the same sense as there was a wall between the first body and the second. The wall is between different dimensions now. It is of a different plane.
The four lower bodies were all concerned with one plane. The division was horizontal. Now, it is vertical. So the wall between the fourth and the fifth is bigger than between any two of the lower bodies - because our ordinary way of looking is horizontal, not vertical. We look from side to side, not up and down. But the movement from the fourth body to the fifth is from a lower plane to a higher plane. The difference is not between outside and inside but between up and down . Not unless you begin to look upward can you move into the fifth.
How to look upward? What is the way? You must have heard that in meditation the eyes must be looking upward to the ajna chakra. The eyes must be focused upward as if you are going to see inside your skull. Eyes are only symbolic. The real question is of vision. Our vision, our faculty for seeing, is associated with the eyes, so eyes become the means through which even inward vision happens. If you turn your eyes upward, then your vision too goes upward.
So in the fourth body, your consciousness must become like fire - going upward. There are many ways to check this. For example, if the mind is flowing toward sex it is just like water flowing downward, because the sex centre is downward. In the fourth body one must begin directing the eyes up, not down.
If consciousness is to go upward, it must begin from a centre that is above the eyes, not below the eyes. There is only one centre above the eyes from which the movement can be upward: the ajna chakra. Now the two eyes must look upward toward the third eye.
The third eye has been remembered in so many ways.... And the moment your two eyes look upward toward the third eye, a great fire is created at the centre; a burning sensation is there. The third eye is beginning to open and it must be kept cool. So in India, sandalwood paste is used. It is not only cool; it also has a particular perfume that is concerned with the third body and the transcendence of it. The coolness of the perfume, and the particular spot where it is placed, becomes an upward attraction, a remembrance of the third eye.
If you close your eyes and I place my finger at your third eye spot, I am not really touching your third eye itself, but you will still begin to feel it. Even this much pressure is enough. Scarcely a touch, just a gentle fingering. So the perfume, the delicate touch of it and its coolness, is enough. Then your attention is always flowing from your eyes to the third eye.
So to cross the fourth body there is only one technique, one method, and that is to look upward.... But first, the first four bodies must be crossed. Only then can it be helpful, otherwise not. Otherwise it may be disturbing, it may create all sorts of mental diseases, because the whole adjustment of the system will be shattered. The four bodies are looking downward, and with your inner mind you are looking upward. Then, there is every possibility that schizophrenia will result.
What I am saying is that one should not experiment with techniques of looking upward before crossing the first four bodies. Otherwise a split will be created which will be impossible to bridge, and one will have to wait for one's next life to begin again. It is better to practice techniques that begin from the beginning. If you have passed your first three bodies in past births, then you will pass them again within a moment. There will be no difficulty. You know the territory; you know the way. In a moment, they come before you. You recognise them - and you have passed them! Then you can go further. So my insistence is always to begin from the first body. For everyone!
The Heart or Anahata Chakra
This chakra is the most important of them all, because it contains the seed for the ability to feel divine, pure love for everyone and everything.
Pure love is love that is devoid of egoism, of calculation, of any kind of demand. When two people who love each other purely are together, then figures quite beyond description are created above them, e.g. like a rose-pink rainbow, shining in al the most beautiful rose-pink colors, and rose-pink flowers of all shades can be seen, as rose-pink is the color of this chakra.
Pure love is the most important quality in a human being, anything else is subordinate. Any intellectual knowledge about this or that is completely subordinate the ability to feel love. Love is what God demands his children to learn, and it is the only real demand for spiritual development. Any technique, any kind of control, any intellectual knowledge is subordinated the law of love. God is pure love, and the most principal duty for his children on their journey back to him/her is to learn to feel this pure love for others.
Because love is also the creative aspect in life, many negative things has happened in those societies, where there have been an emphasis on the intellectual and academical knowledge. Here much has been lost, and countless people have had their development amputated, because their creativity has been stifled in the years of growth, and thereby their ability to love.
To work creatively does not only mean to paint or to write, there are lots of ways in which to work creatively. Common to them all is that one uses ones ability to create - the power that manifests through ones hands or mouth - and that one has opportunities for development of this discharge of energy.
The educational system in the socalled civilized countries on Earth has been amputated though the demands for intellectual effectivity, and thereby many a heart chakra has been blocked over the years.
Now when talking so much about blockages in the chakras here in the first chapter, I will hurry to add, that there is no reason to despair because of this, for life is arranged so suitable, that one begins to clear and cleanse all the blockages one has developed, as soon as one makes the decision that one wants to be cleansed. One can then do different things in order to ease the process, like meditating, or practising yoga or other bodily techniques. One can even get rid of many blockages by swimming regularly, because water has healing powers.
Therefore: if you want to get rid of the blockage in your heart chakra, then do not despair; of course it will take some time before your prayer will be granted, but it will happen sooner or later as you wish, especially because it is a positive wish, and because you will receive help from the spiritual dimensions to have your wish fulfilled. In a later chapter I will delve deeper into different methods for cleansing yourself.
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