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How to Treat
Your master cover this topics in great detail. Here are some basic points:
  • First create an environment as quiet comfortable and soothing as possible for treatment.
  • In the home, set aside a room or designate a small area to be regularly used for client treatment. This ''REIKI Space'' will become familiar (and thus psychologi- cally comfortable) for clients that require successive treatments and also becomes charged with the nature of REIKI itself, thereby facilitating the healing experience.
  • Wear comfortable clothing that won't interfere with the treatment positions.
  • FOR MALE PATIENTS : remove glasses, vest, jacket, tie and belt, shoes, have his pockets emptied.
  • FOR FEMALE PATIENTS : remove glasses, shoes, belt, scarves, and jewellery around the neck; no girdles or tight pantyhose.
  • No terribly snug pants in either case.
  • Most treatments by first-degree practitioners are hands-on.
  • Remote, or absentee healing is taught in second-degree REIKI
  • However, occasionally it may not be possible to touch the patient directly due to several skin infections/lesions or second/third degree burns, on thick layers of burns, or thick layers of clothing or plaster cast. Or you may wish to treat an infant and don't want to disturb his shallow sleep.
  • Know that REIKI finish does require direct phsical contact with the skin, though.
  • Insist on proper hygiene for yourself, just as you would expect from any medical Professional.
  • Always have clean hands, washing with soap before treatment and afterwards for 20-30 seconds in cool running water to break the energy flow. If in an emer- gency situation water is not available, form the hands in the ''prayer'' position with fingertips together and press firmly for 30 seconds.
  • Place a box of Kleenex tissues and a sheet or blanket within easy reach. The tissues are for eye treatment and certain ailments; the covers for the client's comfort.
Have the client lie down, if possible, so gravity can aid in pulling REIKI into his body.
Place a pillow under his head, another under his knees to relieve pressure on the lower back. Employ the sheet or light blanket if the client complains or chills.
And don't neglect to ensure your own need either. Remimber the comfort of yourself and the client is the next most important thing to REIKI itself during a treatment.
  • Make sure the client's feet are not crossed; this tends to 'short circuit' the energy flow.
  • Tell the client he may feel worse after the first or second treatment, either due to sever imbalance in an organ (or the body generally) or because you may stop treatment just as the illness has been brought back from the chronic stage to its acute stage before eventual release.
If this happens, a minimum three, preferably four consecutive daily treatments will be required unless healing takes place after the first or second treatment.
  • The disease must return from where it came,''is a basic REIKI tenet.
  • REIKI is pulled through the body at a rate corresponding to the need of the client.
The more energy needed to regenerate, rejuvenate and revitalize the injured body, the longer the healing will generally take.
  • At the end of 5 minutes almost every organ has all the REIKI it need.
TEAM TREATMENTS : Pair up on FRONT and BACK positions when possible, treat FRONT simultaneously.
Simultaneous treatment on the torso and head is also very beneficial.
Also when possible, have one healer hold the soles of the client's feet as a means to boost his energy field.
REIKI FINISH : When the client has accepted all the REIKI needed at one session conclude his treatment with the REIKI finish. It's like ''icing on the cake.''
(a) On completion of the treatment of the front of the body draws anticlockwise energy spirals with the index and middle fingers off the body of the patient-beginning at the shoulders down the arms to the finger tips, and from the shoulders down along the side of body to the tips of the toes.
(b) After the treatment of the back of the body balance the energy in the spine, then sweep the energy quickly and forcefully down the spine (for Diabetics sweep the energy up the spine, i.e. in the opposite direction.) Wash your hands again, or press your finger tips together for 30 seconds to close down the energy flow.
The REIKI treatment is now complete. Yet the effect of the REIKI on the cells and energy flow of the body does not end with the teatment but continues to build and balance the cells and system.
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