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The Spiritual Body and Throat or Vishudha Chakra

The Spiritual Body
throat Chakra
After the fifth body you move into still another realm, another dimension. From the first body to the fourth body the movement is from out side to inside; from the fourth to the fifth it is from downward to upward; from the ness before the fifth body is nonsense, absurd. You do not have an ego, so how can you lose it?
The fifth body is the richest. It is the culmination of all that is possible for a human being. The fifth is the peak of individuality, the peak of love, of compassion, of everything that is worthwhile. The thorns have been lost. Now, the flower too must be lost. Then there will simply be perfume, no flower.
So from the fifth body the question is not of upward, downward, sideways, inside, outside. The question is whether to be with an ego or without an ego. And the ego is the most difficult thing of all to lose.
There is no method to move beyond the fifth body because every type of method is bound with the ego. The moment you use a method, the ego is strengthened. So those who are concerned with going beyond the fifth, talk of no-method. They talk of methodlessness, of no-technique. Now there is no how. From the fifth, there is no method possible.
You can use a method up to the fifth, but then no method will be of use because the user is to be lost. If you use anything, the user will become stronger. His ego will go on crystallising; it will become a nucleus of crystallisation. That is why those who have remained in the fifth body say there are infinite souls, infinite spirits. They think of each spirit as if it were an atom.
But this crystallised ego has to be lost. How to lose it when there is no method? How to go beyond it when there is no path? How to escape from it? There is no door. Zen monks talk about the gateless gate. Now there is no gate, and still one has to go beyond it.
So what to do? The first thing: do not be identified with this crystallisation. Just be aware of this closed house of "I". Just be aware of it - don't do anything - and there is an explosion! You will be beyond it.
Labor and effort are necessary; they are needed. But they have a limitation. They are needed up to the fifth body, but they are useless from the fifth to the sixth. You will go nowhere; the goose will never be out.
That is the problem with Indian yogis. They find it difficult to cross the fifth because they are method-enchanted, method-hypnotised. They have always worked with method. There has been a clear-cut science up to the fifth and they progressed with ease. It was an effort and they could do it! No matter how much intensity was needed, it was no problem to them. No matter how much effort, they could supply it. But now in the fifth, they have to cross from the realm of method to no-method. Now they are at a loss. They sit down, they stop. And for so many seekers, the fifth becomes the end.
That is why there is talk of five bodies, not seven. Those who have gone only to the fifth think that it is the end. It is not the end; it is a new beginning. Now one must move from the individual to the non-individual. Zen, or methods like Zen, done effortlessly, can be helpful.
Zazen means just sitting, doing nothing Non-doing has its own realm, its own bliss, it own adjustment, but that is from the fifth body to the sixth. It cannot be understood before that.
The Throat or Vishudha Chakra
This chakra radiates a blue light, when seen from the highest level - a clear blue color, not light blue, but a clear blue color, like the sky on a clear summerday.
When the throat chakra is clean, then one feels an inner, completely unshakable peace; one feels strong, no matter the circumstances. Not a strength that has to do with power, but a strength that springs from resting in oneself, a resting in ones higher, or divine self. When two people mix the energies from their throath chakras, they talk together actively and intensely. If one or both is trying to dominate, then the joint blue color turns dark, and figures appears which looks like small ogres or witches, and also power-symbols, like weapon of all kinds, may appear.
When two people mix the energies from their throath chakras, without the desire for dominating each other, then the most beautiful blue color appears, and within this color symbols for strength and solidarity, like e.g. a beautiful sword which protects the two against the dark forces, may appear. Also humorous figures, like laughing fairies, can be seen, for when there are no dark manifestations of power in the contact with another persons throath chakra, then there is humour. Humour is one of the most important of Gods qualities, and he/she likes to see, that his/hers children really understand this and live in accordance with it. Within most religions the higher spiritual doctrines and textbooks are devoid of humour, this is simply an error, and this is also going to be corrected now. Of course it may be a bit difficult to bring humour into the highest wisdom, but it is actually dangerous not to, for humour can to some degree protect against the kind of darkness, which tries to gain power through the contact with human beings' throath chakras. Therefore: a good joke, when the conversation becomes a bit unpleasant, that is a good idea. This is what is meant when we say that humour is disarming.
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