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White Light Meditation
  • Focus on each part of the body. Staring from the feet. Progressively relax each part consciously till you reach the crown of the head.
  • Repeatthe last step by breathing love and gratitude in every part to your body. Give special attention to stiff or painful areas.
  • Thank your higher self.
  • Close your eyes and go into your mind and imagine a ball of white light hovering six inches above your head (your crown chakra). See this white light as very bright, very clear, and filled with a most wonderful energy that you have ever experienced. Feel the energy from this ball as it floats above your head.
  • Focus on your crown chakra area and allow it to open to receive the energy from this ball of white light. As you open your crown chakra to receive this energy you feel completely at ease, completely safe.
  • Draw down this white light energy into your forehead, your eyes, nose, cheeks, chin.
  • Draw down this white light energy into your throat, shoulders elbows, wrists, to each and every finger. Feel the energy in your fingertips right now, feel it tingle with energy and excitement.
  • Draw down the white light energy down your chest, hips, thighs, knees, calves, ankles, into each and every toe. Feel the toes tingle as the energy fills them.
  • Picture this white light energy filling up your entire body.
  • Now, expand this white light energy to include your house and breathe love into it.
  • Expand your love to all the people who are a part of your life.
  • Spread your love to the city you live in.
  • Reach with love towards your country and then the whole world. Include mountains, cities, rivers and humanity in general.
  • Feel the floor of love energy from your heart engulfing the world and the whole universe.
  • Maintain the feeling of love for a few minutes.
  • Withdraw your aura back towards your body. Thank Your self and God for this beautiful experience.
  • I share this process with you in the hope that your adventures into this aspect of our consciousness will be as exciting as mine have been.
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