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Reiki Master
To qualify for Reiki Master training in the Reiki Network you must demonstrate a very strong desire to teach Reiki as well as have a sound background in the practical application of Reiki. You cannot become a Reiki Master simply because you are interested in it, or for intellectual reasons only. We do not accept people who just believe in Reiki. They must know Reiki works from personal, hands-on experience in their own lives and from practical experience and observation of patients they have treated. Academic qualifications are not necessary, but can be helpful in the learning processes involved with lecture content.
The trainee must learn all the necessary theoretical knowledge taught by the Reiki Network and be able to present it well. He or she is given a series of assignments that involve studying the separate subjects taught in the seminars, and then presenting them orally on cassette tape for the Reiki Master Teacher to listen to and give feedback on. A trainee will be expected to repeat the assignments until the teacher is satisfied the student can meet the requirements of the Reiki Network and the individual Reiki Master Teacher. There are also about six days of intensive lectures and discussions spread out over the training period.
More important than the theoretical side is the development of the Reiki Master trainee as a person and as an initiator. The initiation process requires the Reiki Master to be in a certain stage of development personally. Each initiation activates certain chakras and other energy centers of the body that involve transformative processes to occur in the energy field of the Reiki Master. During the training the trainee receives the knowledge and ability to perform each of the initiations individually. Each initiation must then be practiced and synthesized into the energy field of the trainee. This whole process varies between trainees according to their individual backgrounds. The average time taken is about one year.
The Reiki Network insists that Reiki Masters are trained over a minimum nine month period. (Some take longer.) We have found that Reiki Masters who are graduated too quickly (some are trained in weekend courses!) still have to go through the synthesizing process and will have difficulty attracting students until that process is completed. There are also Reiki Masters who are able to activate the Reiki energy in the hands of their students but don't necessarily initiate them to as high a level of awareness. Others do so because they are trained to observe the metaphysical laws involved in the induction of a `Master Initiator'.
Most major associations insist on a minimum one year training program. Unfortunately, there are still a few individuals giving `quickie' courses. Although it is their right to do what they want, it may not be in the best long term interest of their students or Reiki. There are Reiki Masters who claim five years of training or longer. They have chosen to count the start of their training from the day they received First Degree. This is fine but it is not what we are talking about in the above system.
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