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The Cosmic Body Third-Eye Or Ajna Chakra

The Cosmic Body
agya Chakra
From the sixth to the seventh, there is not even no-method. Method is lost in the fifth, and no-method is lost in the sixth. One day you simply find that you are in the seventh. Even the cosmos has gone; only nothingness is. It just happens. It is a happening from the sixth to the seventh. Uncaused, unknown.
There is no possibility of any continuity in moving from existence to non-existence. It is just a jump, uncaused. If it were caused there would be a continuity, and it would be just like the sixth body. So to move from the sixth body to the seventh cannot even be talked about. It is a discontinuity, a gap. Something was, and something now is - and there is no connection between the two.
Something has just ceased, and something has just come in. There is no relationship between them. It is as if a guest has left from one door and another guest has entered from the other side. There is no relationship between the going of one and the coming of the other. They are unrelated.
The Third-Eye Or Ajna Chakra
This chakra, which is also called the third eye, is located right between the eyebrows on the forehead. It is the centre for clairvoyance, visions, and transcendence of time and space in thinking. It radiates a clear, green light, and people who have begun to develop the ability so see more than most people, have a shining ball located in the area of this chakra. This ball protects, and draws energy into the brain.
When two people mix the energies from their third-eye chakras, then it may happen, that their clairvoyance increases. If they both are relatively pure in this centre, their understanding of different things will be increased considerably, and figures appear around them, which are shining green and beautiful. With very clear people there may e.g. be seen a ring showing the whole story of creation, with a deep understanding of what has happened to him and the other within the whole dimension of time, all at once. It can be seen directly here from the spiritual dimensions, what the one or the other understands of all this. If one or both have an unclean third-eye chakra, then the green color turns dark and muddy, and misconceptions and limitations in time and space appear, and also these can be seen from the spiritual dimensions. It is quite a lot we here from the spiritual dimensions can see, when two people meet. All this means, that especially third-eye problems are very easily mutually intensified, and that means, that if two people are married, and the one has a very unclean third-eye chakra, then the other must be careful not to be affected by all the things that comes from there. Therefore problems with the third-eye chakra are very often the reason for divorces, because this is intuitively felt by the one with the cleanest third-eye chakra. I am not saying this to invite people to get divorced, but I will add, that if ones chakras are relatively clean, and one is somewhat aware that one is on the way to spiritual enlightening, then one also knows how to protect oneself against unwanted influence. This is very simple, as one simply asks God for protection - if necessary one can ask for a more permanent ring of protection, and if one is expecially concerned about ones third-eye chakra, then one can ask for a special protection of this area.
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