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The Nirvanic Body and Crown or Sahasrara Chakra

The Nirvanic Body
The seventh body is the ultimate, because now you have crossed even the world of causation. You have gone to the original source, to that which was before creation and that which will be after annihilation.
So from the sixth to the seventh there is not even no-method. Nothing is of any help; everything can be a hindrance. From the cosmic to nothingness there is just a happening: uncaused, unprepared for, unasked for.
It happens instantaneously. Only one thing is to be remembered: you must not cling to the sixth. Clinging will prevent you from moving to the seventh. There is no positive way to move to the seventh, but there can be a negative hindrance. You can cling to the Brahma, the cosmos. You can say, "I have reached!" Those who say they have reached cannot go to the seventh.
If you look for objects then you cannot cross the sixth to the seventh. So there are negative preparations. A negative mind is needed, a mind that is not longing for anything - not even moksha, not even deliverance, not even nirvana, not even truth; a mind that is not waiting for anything - not even for God, for Brahma. It just is, without any longing, without any desire, without any wish. Just is-ness. Then, it happens...and even the cosmos is gone.
So you can cross into the seventh by and by. Begin from the physical and work through the etheric. Then the astral, the mental, the spiritual. Up to the fifth you can work and then, from the fifth on, just be aware. Doing is not important then; consciousness is important. And finally, from the sixth to the seventh, even consciousness is not important. Only is-ness, being. This is the potentiality of our seeds. This is our possibility.
The Crown or Sahasrara Chakra
This chakra is the chakra that is the most penetrable for light, and its color is yellow and golden. It represents wisdom, a deep and all-embracing wisdom. When this chakra is clean, then one knows everything, understands everything - nothing is obscure concerning life, Gods will, and creation.
When two people mix the energies from their crown chakras, the throath chakra is often involved because they talk together, and this means, that the light from the crown chakra and the throath chakra are often mixed. But if the crown chakras are clean, then it is relatively unimportant if they have a verbal dialogue, for then the yellow light will reach the other telepathically, i.e. a silent transference of wisdom from the one to the other will take place, and no words will be necessary. Many will probably know this all too well from personal experiences, where they understand another person completely, without words. But wisdom can also be transferred from the one to the other e.g. through the eyes.
When a person has a very clean crown chakra, the yellow light turns into a soft, golden light, which wraps the person in an aura, that has a most beautiful and excellent influence on others. Because the crown chakra is the chakra that is the most penetrable for light, it is very important to cleanse it, and that can be done in different ways, which I will go into details with later.
When two people talk together, and their crown chakras are blocked, a very unpleasant color, a muddy, dark curry color appears, which is very easy to percept for sensitive people. A tingling and prickling sensation is felt in the crown, ones head feels uncomfortable, and therefore it is important to protect oneself, when being together with people, whose crown chakras radiates these energies.
When two people whose crown chakras are unclean unite, then all kinds of misconceptions appear that has to do with limitations, limitations in time and space, the conception that one only live once, then one is wiped out, and whatever is connected with these concepts. It is certainly not amusing here from the spiritual dimensions to watch all the things that appear, when e.g. a group of people are gathered in a circle, and their crown chakras run amock and create all these misconceptions and the most grotesque symbols of limitation. But now that I have just talked about humour, then I will add, that it sometimes can be quite comical to see some divine, eternal beings, sit and use a lot of time to convince each other that the only live once, that 70 years on Earth is their measured time, and then no more. It is an incredible amount of energy that sometimes is wasted this way.
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