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The Physical Body and Root Or Base Chakra

The Physical Body
Base Chakra
Begin from the physical. Then every other step opens for you. The moment you work on the first body, you have glimpses of the second. So begin from the physical. Be aware of it moment to moment.
And not only outwardly aware. You can become aware of your body from the inside also. I can become aware of my hand as I have seen it from the outside, but there is an inner feeling to it too. When I close my eyes the hand is not seen, but there is still an inner feeling of something being there. So do not be aware of your body as seen from the outside. This cannot lead you inward. The inner feeling is quite different.
So the feeling of the body from within is the first step.- In different situations the body will feel different from within. When you are in love, you have a particular inner feeling; when you experience hate, the inner feeling is different. When you are feeling lazy, there is a difference from when you are feeling active. When you are sleepy, there is a difference. These differences must be distinctly known. Only then do you become acquainted with the inner life of your body. Then you know the inner history, the inner geography of yourself in childhood, in youth, in old age.
The Root Or Base Chakra
The root chakra, or the centre at the end of the spine by the loins, is the centre which radiates a white, divine light, when seen from the highest spiritual level. This centre is the centre for the material life, it is the centre that roots the subtle divine consciousness in the material life. Consequently it is the basis for human existence in this physical world, and if it is blocked, you will have a human being that feels rootless in both his spiritual and his physical existence.
Every human being has a joint physical and spiritual existence. The karmic development causes an oscillation between the spiritual and the physical dimensions, and when this process goes of positively, then you feel equally at home in both places, and feel that you are able to do what you have to do in both places. The root chakra makes you able to manifest your existence wherever you are, and its delicate white light emits vibrations that has to do with mother's love. In mother's love the physical and the spiritual existence is united in a sublime way. In this form of love, where you e.g. can imagine a woman nursing her baby, the demands of the physical world are united with the highest form of spiritual love.
That is why this event is so important for human beings, and therefore it is important that the period of nursing is not shortened, for in this period both the mother and the child will have stimulated, developed, and cleansed their root chakras, and this gives the newborn child the possibility for a basic development, which is far beyond any other educational means.
When the mother nurses her child, the lights from their root chakras are united, and their energies are mixed together; thereby the bond, which the child needs to have to the Earth, to the material life, is strengthened, making the seperation from the spiritual realms, from which it recently has left, easier.
If the period of nursing is shortened unnessarily, or if it is completely omitted, then what can happen is, that the child cannot accept that it had to part from the spiritual realms, and it may become restless. Many children today suffer from what is called hyperactivity, and this is due to a restlessness, which originates from this.
When the energies or vibrations from two people's chakras are mixed, the following takes place: the lightwaves from the one chakra affects the lightwaves from the other chakra, and depending of the purity of the chakras, these lightwaves are mixed in a way, so they create different figures. If you look at two people, e.g. a mother and a child, who have the lights from their root chakras mixed, you may see delicate figures which looks like white flowers or white crystals. If the contact is positive - if e.g. the mother is nursing her child with love, or at least with a positive will to feed the child - then beautiful figures may appear, and the figures created by the lightwaves from the chakras become more beautiful, the more love there is between the parties.
This was some more general information about the mixing of vibrations from two chakras. But now to the other main chakras.
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